About the Author photo(About the Author Blurb: The Impossible Earth)

John Knight is a uniquely skilled writer with various book projects in the works. While he has written several laudable works, The Impossible Earth is his first published
book, and he hopes it will only further motivate his creative pursuits.

As he often takes a very “out of this world” type approach to his daily life, it’s little wonder why his first book would be heavily influenced by science and science fiction elements.

By embracing his unique perspectives on the world and life in general, John
hopes to allow his versatility to shine in his first book and beyond.

Beyond the written word, John Knight is a passionate gentleman, a human teddy bear, and a quirky, resourceful, & unpredictable specimen of humanity. He possesses a talent for karaoke, poetry, utilizing random quotes/references from TV and movies into everyday situations to provide clarity or comedy to a discussion.


*image courtesy of Samuel Meggs Photography (linked under “Lair of Legends”)