Diary of a Ring Goddess

The path that you have selected has led you to one of the most unique places any path may ever lead! A motion sensor light activates as you approach, and you find yourself in a room surrounded by newspaper clippings, publicity photos, championship belts, trophies, treasured momentos and more!

You have entered the realm of the Canadian Wrestling Goddess! A quasi-fictional female professional wrestler, born and raised in southern Ontario, Canada, and inspired by the talent and career of WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus!

You will be granted the opportunity to bear witness to some of the most incredible battles and shocking career highlights in this multi-volume saga that will have you envisioning every moment in and out of the ring, regardless of your familiarity with professional wrestling!

Planned volumes so far include:

  • The Pride of Canada
  • Formidable First Encounters
  • The Twilight Years
  • Specialty Matches
  • Greatest Rivalries

A Canadian Professional Wrestler’s

Greatest Matches & Moments In & Out of the Ring

Selected by The Goddess Herself!


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